Friday, October 23, 2009

(1) Sincerely Soul

It took some time working through a presentation package
that included material from my studies on OBEs, NDEs,
past-life visions, and Reincarnation. My presentation was
about the "soul." Not only would I talk about various
religio-spiritual aspects of the soul, but also blend or factor
in the paranormal phenomena of the soul, bringing into
focus the evolution of the soul.

Other than the monastery, where I did not bring-up this
paranormal material (out of deference to the monks' faith
system), I found an enthusiastic audience everywhere else
I worked as a presenter--not only in Santa Fe, but up in
Taos and down south in Albuquerque. Indeed, people
really listened-up when I talked about these recent Psi studies!

Labeling my new presentation "Sincerely Soul," I tried to steer
away from the usual punishment-pleasure approaches when
it came to our soul destination--such as Heaven or Hell, or
Karmic Return. I saw the possibilities in a different way that
involved soul development unto Enlightenment.

Jungians are adept when it comes to symbols or imagery,
so I provided such when it came to my idea of a Soul-Center.

Prefacing my speeches, I always forewarned that this
paranormal phenomena--especially Reincarnation--was
not yet writ in concrete. However, reputable researchers
are moving into these various paranormal areas. (And
maybe some day they won't be "para" areas anymore!)

Warned, I noted that all my audiences were intensely alert.
I can only guess that they were soul-starved, in that most
religious focus had been on an avatar or "Imago Dei" in
terms of ritual and worship. Somehow the soul seemed to
get the short end of the stick, so to speak. And this was
sad, because people--at least the ones I encountered--were
definitely concerned about the essence of their being,
wondering the *what and why* of their soul.

I gave what I felt was an honest explanation of my own
*sense*of soul. Even if there was no proof, from my studies
I had put my faith in our soul being really significant in the
universe. And it all boiled down to consciousness

I believed that our personality's soul was part of a greater
entity, which I called our "Soul Center." Like a tree ever
sprouting new branches, our Soul Center constantly was
putting forth new shoots, or new personalities, if you will.
And I honestly could not tell myself, or anyone else, how
our Soul Center came to be--but I felt that it existed.

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