Friday, October 23, 2009

(2) Sincerely Soul

As for the evolutionary development of our soul, our Soul
Center, well I sensed that was the whole purpose of all this.
We have life after life to attain our purpose and meaning--the
completion of our Soul Center. And what might this involve?
I could only guess.

My guess revolved around our given personality, in a given
lifetime, the need to become more conscious about who it
was meant to be. And we are all *different.* Some of us are
soldiers, some athletes, some scholars, some nourishers, etc.
We are indeed "playing in the fields of the Lord." Each life-
time is involved in the Game, and the more we come "to know
ourself," the better we can capitalize on this situation.

I felt that there was a definite Freedom involved in all this soul
pursuit. Just looking around, one could see that there were all
different levels of "soul." Some souls had to face the struggle of
their circumstances, their luck. Other souls were born into a
comfortable environment, wherein they seemingly had better
opportunities. I could not even begin to venture a guess why
the milieux differed for all sorts of soul, but it was obvious.

Just as obvious, these different levels of soul development
displayed everything from soul poverty to soul enrichment.
And there sometimes seems a loss (or near loss) of soul. I
remembered something that Carl Jung once said. When a
young psychiatrist, he had worked in a mental hospital--and
upon occasion he saw patients who had no "light" in their
eyes. He felt that they had lost their soul, somehow. If
one encounters the death of another person, up close, one
can see the light go out in their eyes. The soul had fled the

As to "body and soul," I left that up to my audience(s) to
ponder over. Even armed with all the material I had gathered
about this paranormal phenomena, I couldn't even begin to
figure why our souls reside in matter, in the physical world.
I wouldn't even dare to wonder when souls first decided or
chose to enter the human (or humanoid) body. Than, too,
there's all the evolving intelligence becoming noticeable in
other living forms of the Earth. Indeed, there's the idea of
the Collective Consciousness or the Noosphere--and so forth!
What of "soul" within these different kinds of conditions?

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