Friday, October 23, 2009

(2) A New Milieu

It was obvious that the former nun had telephoned beforehand,
because the school's director knew who I was. He evidently had
the time to check me out before meeting me. After "eye-balling"
me, I guess he liked what he saw.

However, I insisted that before I would sign any contract with
the school that I would need to audit some of the classes, see
how topics were presented, and meet both teachers and
students. So for nearly a month I was allowed to do so. I
had no problems with the place or the people, so I signed on
the dotted line.

"Retirement" is just a word, a mind-set, so I discovered. I had
just left one job for another, as it turned out. Now my fairly full
plate was really full.

But when you are happy doing what you are doing, it doesn't
seem like a job. It's a vocation! I had found my niche as a
spiritual director, helping all sorts of folk move along when it
came to their own spiritual development. Finally, I felt that I
was truly becoming a "Priest for the Psyche." But not quite
yet, as I was to discover.

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