Friday, October 23, 2009

(1) Wonderfully Wild

The next morning, I trotted over to our local library where I
discovered reams of books about Reincarnation. Many of
these books were astonishingly speculative but lots of fun
to read. Looking at the publication dates on some of these
books, it was obvious that they were wildly popular. Some
of these treatises were re-published over and over, obviously
best sellers for years and years. Just as obvious, the reading
public in the West was intensely interested in reincarnation!
Believers were no long just in the East, in Asia, where the
preponderance of their vast populations actually built
reincarnation into their religious systems!

As I collected these popular books on reincarnation, with only
a few "scientific" items or articles to be found on the subject
in the library, I decided to have more fun and go visit some
of the well known research facilities that delved into the

The places I chose to visit were located in Virginia and North
Carolina. It didn't hurt that I had family back in Virginia. I
thought I might also visit my old alma mater(s), the College of
William and Mary and Duke University, for old times sake--
though they weren't into Paranormal Research.

The Rhine Research Center, as an institute, was once affiliated
with Duke--but no longer. But it is in the neighborhood. From
there I would head west towards the mountains, to Charlottesville,
to visit the University of Virginia--which did have a scientific unit
devoted to paranormal studies. Then, off to the coast, there
was the Edgar Cayce Institute and Association of Research
and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach.

As I bounded into a plane headed for the Washington-Dulles
Airport in Virginia, I had to laugh at myself. This little excursion
(I felt) was really like a mini-adventure, wherein I might enjoy
myself and perhaps make some small discoveries.

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