Friday, October 23, 2009

(4) Anasazi Interlude

Arriving home exhausted, I decided to put my feet up and simply
vegetate. That condition lasted maybe about an hour. My mind
was too frizzled to relax. Where do I go with this experience, this
information? I felt pressed to make a decision, but about what?

I really didn't want to face it, the possiblity of Reincarnation.
Still that's where my mind constantly returned, as I tried and
tried to ignore the thought. I felt silly. Maybe my fatigue was
the source of this troubling thought, but I couldn't sleep.

I had to admit to some strange things. First, when I visited the
Bandelier Longhouse I had absolutely no serious knowledge
about the Anasazi other than there was interesting "ruin" in
this park. Secondly, I knew *zero* about anyone called a
Sun Priest. In other words I had nothing to build upon, no
residue of unconscious knowledge, that would have led to
this strange experience I had.

However, being a Jungian analyst, I was well aware of the
growing field of Parapsychology and the somewhat scientifically
oriented studies about the subject of reincarnation and near
death experiences. Some of these studies had passed my desk,
studies--for example--by reputable psychologists and medical
doctors. The best studies mainly focused on children. There
also were some psychiatrists and even Jungian analysts
claiming that they had patients under hypnosis. who exhibited
past life histories.

Frankly, I had ignored Parapsychology--much less the topic
of Reincarnation--throughout the years. No more, I decided
that I would spend the rest of my sabbatical time looking into
this business. But where to begin?

Later. My mind had settled and I fell into a contented sleep.

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