Friday, October 23, 2009

(3) Imaginal Realm

And as luck would have it, I wangled an invitation to a
fascinating conference regarding survival after death.
A friend of a friend had heard that a famous institute
out in California had invited a sterling array of presenters
to discuss such a possibility. So off I went, enjoying
immensely the striking scenery of this facility looking
out on the Pacific.

But more seriously my attention was on the speakers.
They represented a number of academic disciplines--from
Psychiatry to Neurobehavioral Sciences, Religious Studies,
History of Science, Physics, and Process Philosophy. And
what really grabbed me was that these presenters came
from prestigious universities and research institutions!

Their talks covered a ballpark of background information
on survival after death, ranging from ancient theories to
modern theories, moving on into issues of mind and
matter covered by Neuroscience, considered in Quantum
Physics. The philosophical or religious implications were
also discussed, especially how such studies might
eventually help people generally not to be so frightened
by Death.

Still there were no definitive answers forthcoming during
this conference. Nonetheless, I was impressed that the
more responsible academic community was getting
involved when it came to this issue of survival after death.
They were bringing in a whole new investigation into this
business, if you will

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