Friday, October 23, 2009

(2) Wonderfully Wild

Arriving back in Durham, North Carolina, I hardly recognized
the place after so many years away from my student days at
Duke. Durham had become quite sophisticated, turning more
into a high-tech city rather than an old "tobacco" town. As for
Duke, the West Campus (where I lived and studied) seemed
relatively unchanged, though there was a new slick Student
Union across from the Chapel. Once again I slipped into the
Chapel pews, where it all started for me.

But it was time to find the Rhine Research Center. Still
around, situated in a large house-type of building, I walked in
and introduced myself, hoping one of the researchers might
give me the time-of-day. They did, after I told them that I was a
Jungian analyst, etc. They seemed a serious lot, since several
came forth to talk to me. I told them the circumstance of my
"past life vision," and need I say that they were fascinated.

Continuing, I had hoped that they might swing me in the
right direction towards studying the subject of reincarnation--
from a scientific perspective. They admitted that there was
as of yet no proof, but researchers were thick into the subject.
They did provide me with a mostly academic reading list.
Thanking them, I mentioned that I would soon be heading
up to the University of Virginia. Essentially, they said that
would be a good move.

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