Friday, October 23, 2009

(3) A New Milieu

At this point I have to backtrack a little. When I first settled in
Santa Fe I began to notice that I had a number of strange dreams.
I kept seeing dancing Indians, first afar, then up close. These
dreams popped-up periodically over the course of a few months.
I couldn't quite figure what these dreams might be about. They
didn't seem to focus on any of my own familiar archetypes that
I had discovered during my earlier dreamwork sessions when
I was studying at the Jung Institute in Los Angeles. So I did
the untenable and ignored them; and, eventually they went

Working in Santa Fe, driving around, I did see Pueblo Indians.
Driving over to the monastery I saw small enclaves, small
communities. They seemed very poor. Eventually, too, I
started giving invited presentations up in Los Alamos (the
nuclear town) and Taos.

It was in Taos where I saw the famous Pueblo, which had
been declared an American landmark. It's actually still a
living community, even with signs to "keep off the grass." It
was a very large, ancient apartment-like facility, but it seemed
so alien to me that I was put off visiting it for a long time.

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