Friday, October 23, 2009

(3) Sincerely Soul

All in all everything about us, body and soul, about our world,
about our universe remains a Mystery. But we wouldn't be
doing our duty towards Soul if we didn't try to understand better
our situation, our condition. It's just that now we are standing
on the cusp of new ways towards understanding this Mystery.

And surely it must be difficult, standing on this cusp. Old
explanations are fading, and New explanations are not yet
readily discernible, Yet we must start probing into this ever
present Unknown that keeps attracting us.

Me? Well, I have to smile at myself. Thinking back so long
ago, pondering, sitting in the pews of Duke Chapel, talking
to my theologian friend, who told me about Jung, about the
"Priest for the Psyche," I couldn't deny that in a strange
roundabout way that is what I had become!

On the other hand, somehow I felt that we souls were
strangely moving beyond faith systems, containers as Jung
called them, crawling slowly out of the small boxes we had
for so long placed ourselves, out into a much larger horizon,
where our minds, our souls, were under a new and constant

In the end, maybe there will no longer be a need for priests.
Even a "Priest for the Psyche" will probably become passe'.
In time maybe each living soul will come to know who they
are, what they must become, all on their own. And they will
assume Responsibility as an Eternal Soul.

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